"ten persons,
ten colors"

Sigur Rós at Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie, Texas - April 8, 2013

After 10 years of listening to them, they finally came close enough (5 hours away still) for me to see them.

It was a multi-media feast.

My brother-in-law got tickets for the orchestra pit (unknowningly) and I was feet away from them. (“You’re fucking lucky!”, some guy shouted when the ushers told us where to go.) I was much closer than the phone pictures leave to the imagination (didn’t want to risk bringing my professional equipment).

I could see Orri’s sweat dripping off his face close to the end of the show, after a few broken drumsticks

I could see Georg break his fatherly demeanor to sing along with Jónsi.

I could see Jónsi’s blind eye as he would look towards us raising his hands to engage and invite us to sing with the chorus on “Með blóðnasir”.

I could see the horse hair strands from his bow lose their binded composure.

I could see Jónsi’s feathery hair tail, which I could tell was recently barbered prior to the show, fly around with every half-fetal position he made.
Funny side note, one of the long bunches of hair previously describe stood up out of position the entire show from the utmost beginning of the concert after he did his first head bang.

I was always worried that when I would see them, that they wouldn’t have their full orchestration with them - much to my relief, they brought everyone (no Kjartan - a moment of silence). I have always loved Amiina with them, but they had 2 violins, viola, trumpet/flugelhorn, french horn, and trombone/flute. That is what caught my attention to Sigur Rós all those years ago, use of instruments that I am familiar with daily.
Not to forget the wide array of auxiliary percussion instruments that bring that abrasive texture.

During the show, I even had to practice my mindfulness and realize ,”This is it” and “I am here”.
But that feeling of your body being sacrificed towards some unknown emotional rebirth prevailed… over and over.

posted 09 Apr 2013 @ 19:17
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